Gel Polish | 

This new soak off gel technology nail polish dries in seconds using UV and LED light. No more smudging, chipping or cracking and the best lasts up to 21 days! 

Acrylic | 

A light coated hardener over nail tips or real nails. We apply this through combining nail liquid and acrylic powder.

Gel Nails | 

A Light application of gel-liquid over gel-powder on top of your natural nails or artificial tips. This gives it a strong glossy finish that is sure to impress. Good for those who work with water or wish not to wear polish. Gel nails give a sharp shine and a beautiful, natural look.

SNS Nails | 

Finally, a solution for healthy, natural nails. We'll strengthen weak nails by adding Vitamins and Calcium. It's stronger than acrylic and incredibly comfortable. 

Solar Nails | 

Through the technology of solar nails, we bring to you an elegant and durable French manicure. With a pink base and clean, white, powdered tips, this service looks professional, natural and elicits a glossy surface.